Legends & Legacies
   Reconnecting Generations: Past, Present and Future



About Legends & Legacies

Join Michael Logue as you capture and preserve your family history and roots. Legends & Legacies helps you research and documents five generations on ALL lines:  16 Family Lines in total, including one line back to an emigrant from another country.

You are on-the-hunt forever recording 16-lineage family information, data, burial grounds and photographs on leading online genealogical data bases.

Outcomes include identifying your eligibility in specific societies such as SCV, DAR, First Families of Mississippi, etc.

Michael will instill in you the importance of  your ancestral lines, preserving your ancestral heritage socially, emotionally, and historically. He will also help you work thru particularly tough family historical mysteries and gaps in lineages. 

Students will be mentored in online resources such as Ancestry.com, and how to use the Internet and Social Media in your ancestral search.

The workshop is often held at the Southern Cultural Heritage Center in Vicksburg.  Registration is $90/SCHF members and $100/non-members. No supplies needed. Space is limited to 12 and reservations are required. For more information, please contact the SCHF office at 601.631.2997 or email info@southernculture.org or register on this web site.

The ultimate goal is to send you on a lifetime of family discovery. Participants will be asked to submit basic information two weeks ahead of class so research can begin on family lines before the first class.  Your information may be sketchy.  That is OK.  

The class is self-paced. You may attend as many classes as you like.  If you miss a class, you can attend the same class during the next scheduled series.

Michael often works with participants by e-mail, long after the class series has ended.  As a graduate, Michael is always glad to hear from you and help you on your family journey of discovery.

The class covers families from any state in the Union: Warren County, Mississippi or Warren County, Ohio., and can reach into Canada and Mexico.

Legends and Legacies introduces you to some of the leading genealogy products and to genealogy as an excellent hobby and crucial aspect of society.

Michael is not a licensed representative of or affiliated with any of these companies.  Use of their names, trademarks, etc., is not intended as endorsements of Legends and Legacies by these companies. 

However, Legends and Legacies does openly endorse these great products as tools for genealogical study.