Legends & Legacies
   Reconnecting Generations: Past, Present and Future


Our Graduating Classes
Some members miss class due to unforeseen circumstances or they have achieved their class goal.  If you missed a class, you can always come the next series and make it up for free.

Just a few of our graduates!!

Class of January 2014

L to R, Melinda Carpenter, Barbara McCleese, Barbara Bagley, Karen
Kirk, Dotti Rankin, Bill Mounger, Beverly Harris, John Harris, and
Rick Martin.  Not pictured: Barbara Hill, Amber Matthai, Edgar Allen,
Alesia Shaw and Mary Reed. 

Class of October 2013

L to R, Debbie Johnson, Dr. L. P. "Pop" Neumann, Barbara Hickman, 
Barbara Bagley, Alisia Sanchez, Val Cooper, Genie Nussbaum, Emily 
Neumann, and Calvin Adams.  Not pictured: Rosslyn Lewis, Betty 
Jackson, Elyce Curry.

Rick Martin, Martin Lines, Jan 2014
So thanks for opening doors for me.

Sandra Shingler, Griffing Lines, Aug 2013
The course has been wonderful and exceeded all my expectations.  I will be taking the class again for other family members and we are going to Wales to follow our new ancestors.

Jill Farmer, Burkett Lines, Aug 2013
It would have taken me years to do what you have helped me with over the past few weeks, and I am learning so much! 

Jeanne Evans, Van Slyke Lines, Oct 2013
I feel so fortunate that you were able to track down so much information for me, for so many generations. I have to admit, itís awe-inspiring. You are a super sleuth!

Melinda Carpenter, Harbage Lines, Jan 2014
Thank you so much for sharing your time, enthusiasm and passion for discovering our heritage. I cannot tell you how excited I was when you found out the lady in the picture I've had for so long is my 4 th great grandmother! Without you, I would never have known! You make it possible to enjoy the journey back thru time to discover who you are and who your people are!

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