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Legends and Legacies introduces you to some of the leading genealogy products and to genealogy as an excellent hobby and crucial aspect of society. Michael is not a licensed representative of or affiliated with any of these companies.  Use of their names, trademarks, etc., is not intended as endorsements of Legends and Legacies by these companies. However, Legends and Legacies does openly endorse these great products as tools for genealogical study.

I have created a user friendly, fun version of our sell-out live class you can do at home at your own pace.  With Legends & Legacies Online, you get it all!

  • A 5-generation look at your ancestral tree and more, including tracing  at least one immigrant.
  • Your family tree forever installed on a free Ancestry.com account.
  • One-on-one weekly consultation for three week as we trace your ancestors.
  • Insights on today's genealogy, hard-to-find families, and genealogy tools.
  • Assistance with placing your heirloom photos online.
  • Sharing your family tree with your extended and distance family.
  • E-mail follow up after the class is done if your tree is not complete.
  • Assistance in setting up accounts on free and paid genealogical sites.
  • As needed coaching in continuing your family journey.

Best of all, the online course is AT YOUR PACE!  One-on-one sessions and tutorials are based on your schedule, as is any other class work.

Step 1:  Register and Pay Registration for the Class.
Click here to register for your individual online class  

Mail payment of $100 to 209 Fairways Drive, Vicksburg, MS 39183.  I accept checks, cash or money orders.

Step 2: Download Our Tree 
Download the
Fillable Ancestry Chart.  

Step 3:  Decide Where You Want to Start Your Tree.
Do you want to research your father's line, your mother's line, or your lines?  The person you put in that first box .... we focus our efforts on going back to his or her great great grandparents AS A MINIMUM.  Often, we might  will go another generation or two, or three if we are chasing someone special.

Step 4:  Partially Complete the Fillable Family Tree
You aren't expected to know much.  The more the better. 

Insert what you know; names, dates, places.  Preferably, we can get back to at least 1940 or earlier. Save your tree and email it to me.  
START with Block #1 (Second Generation) on the chart.

NOTE: if you have problem completing the form on your computer, you can snail mail it to me.  209 Fairways Drive, Vicksburg, MS 39183  Or you can take a photo of it with your phone and email it to me.  However you want to do it is fine.

Step 5:  Michael will contact you in 1-2 weeks to unveil your new tree and begin your individual class program.

You can expect the following as part of the class:

  • A 22-minute video discussing how vital your family project is to you, your family, and our entire society.  It is way more than just a hobby!
  • Registration and uploading your tree into a  free Ancestry.com tree (free accounts have limited research options).
  • A free printout of your tree for your records.
  • Three weekly consultations to discuss our progress and directions for next week.


  • Assistance creating your own full Ancestry.com account if you want.
  • Introduction to several more online genealogy tools.
  • Products to help you share your tree with family.
  • Follow up e-mail consultation if you have problems or challenges once you have completed the class.  I hear from former students all the time.

For those who want go continue the genealogical journey.

  • A collection of Michael's favorite short video tutorials from the web.

    Let's Start Your 
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