Legends & Legacies
   Reconnecting Generations: Past, Present and Future



Debi Aden, Whitehead Lines, Sep 2013
Just from the one class I learned pearls of wisdom.  I have started a journal for my granddaughter’s – granddaughter – I don’t even have a granddaughter YET – LOL. I dream of her 100 years from now reading about me. And that came from what I learned from you!

I tell you looking at my Daddy’s family line back to James from England made me cry! I would love to do each grandparent someday.

Pam Melsheimer, Miller Lines, Sep 2013
A tremendous help in learning how to get a tree going. I probably would never have done it if I had to figure it all out by myself. Michael helps with a lot of the research, so if you have a busy schedule, he brings you along to the point that you can then leisurely work to add to your family info.

Danny Weatherly, Weatherly Lines, Sep 2013
Even if you have been doing genealogy for years, you will pick up lots of new ideas on how to break through that "brick wall" we're always hearing about! Another plus is Michael's enthusiasm - it's catching! If ever you've gotten stuck and discouraged in your research, you need to hear this man - he NEVER gives up!

Rick Martin, Martin Lines, Jan 2014
So thanks for opening doors for me.

Sandra Shingler, Griffing Lines, Aug 2013
The course has been wonderful and exceeded all my expectations.  I will be taking the class again for other family members and we are going to Wales to follow our new ancestors.

Jill Farmer, Burkett Lines, Aug 2013
It would have taken me years to do what you have helped me with over the past few weeks, and I am learning so much! 

Jeanne Evans, Van Slyke Lines, Oct 2013

I feel so fortunate that you were able to track down so much information for me, for so many generations. I have to admit, it’s awe-inspiring. You are a super sleuth!

Melinda Carpenter, Harbage Lines, Jan 2014
Thank you so much for sharing your time, enthusiasm and passion for discovering our heritage. I cannot tell you how excited I was when you found out the lady in the picture I've had for so long is my 4 th great grandmother! Without you, I would never have known! You make it possible to enjoy the journey back thru time to discover who you are and who your people are!

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